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Client Reviews

"My old CPA never asked me questions about possible tax savings ideas. Ryan had several ideas that made a big difference. I would recommend Mills and Company to anyone." - Amy

I had some trick situations with filing my taxes and Mills and Co talked me through it. Very reassuring and I highly recommend!" - Samuel

This is a great company with great service, I had my own business for 35 years and now am retired; throughout all this time I feel they have always gone out of the way to take care of our business and personal needs in a trustful and professional manner." - Garry

"Mills & Co have taken great care of us for the past few years. I would highly recommend them!" - Terrell

"I prepared my own taxes on Turbo Tax and owed $1,500. When they were done I was getting over $3,000 back! They are the best. I would recommend them." - Michelle

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Please call us today at (801) 944-4020.

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