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    January 11, 2021

    Dear Clients,

    This year we are doing things differently due to COVID-19.  These changes will keep you safe, and make it easier than ever to file your 2020 tax returns.  You will not need to come in or schedule an appointment.

    Please follow these steps:

    1. After gathering all your tax documents, please send them to us in one of four ways:
      1. Email:
      2. Use our secure portal at
      3. Drop off your documents during business hours by sliding them under the door. 
      4. Regular mail (make a copy first)
    1. If you feel an appointment is required before we begin preparation, please call Lisa 801-944-4020 ext 3 to schedule a phone/zoom appointment.  We do not need an explanation of standard tax forms or documents you have sent us in the past. 
    1. When finished, we will call you to discuss tax saving ideas, missing information, and results.
    1. We will file the tax returns electronically and mail you everything else you need.  You will not need to come in to pick up. 
    1. A few things we may need from you:
      1. Drivers license issue date and expiration date (used by IRS to confirm your identity)
      2. Notice 1444, and or 1444-B,  showing the economic stimulus payments you received 
      3. Updated email address
      4. Form 1095A if you get your health insurance through the marketplace

    We are excited to serve you again this year.  We hope these changes will make tax preparation convenient for you and safe for all of us. 

    Best regards,

    Ryan Mills

    Certified Public Accountant

    801-944-4020 ext 1


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